Uses and types of Niru nebulizers

According to the different uses, we can add niru nebulizer is divided into a variety of types, including the common air humidifier used to add moisture to the air in the environment of the humidifier, in fact, is a type of niru nebulizer. The medical nebulizer is a device used in respiratory diseases, is a medical device, and other types of nebulizers, such as hair spray for hair fixation, etc. Next I will talk to you in detail about the different types of nebulizers and their respective uses.

       Medical Niru nebulizer, he can use the atomization of the way to absorb the drug, so that the drug atomized into some fine particles, when these drugs through the human respiratory tract inhalation way into the human body for internal deposition, can achieve the purpose of rapid treatment, and this medical mud road nebulizer mainly has three kinds, a kind of ultrasonic nebulizer, mesh nebulizer and compression nebulizer.

       Among them, the ultrasonic nebulizer, which uses the principle of ultrasound, it does not have a significant selectivity of the fog particles, so the size of the resulting drug particles are generally deposited in the upper respiratory tract such as the oral cavity of the throat, due to the relatively small amount of deposition in the attached, so it is not able to quickly carry out treatment. At the same time, the physical force produced by this nebulizer is relatively large, the speed of nebulization is very fast, which may lead to the user inhaling too much. And prompt the phenomenon of wetting of the respiratory tract, the respiratory tract originally blocked bronchial dry thick secretions will swell after absorbing water, thus increasing the resistance of the human respiratory tract, and some hypoxia may occur. At the same time, this type of Nile nebulizer will make the liquid condense into water droplets, which will hang on the inner wall, which is not effective for the respiratory tract, and the large demand for liquid may cause waste.

       Gas compression type Nile nebulizer has the following advantages.

       1, oil-free piston compressor, atomization without cooling water, daily maintenance-free, simpler and more convenient operation; original drug atomization, no dilution, good clinical effect; almost no drug residue, high drug utilization.

       2, the operation is more convenient to use, the product is equipped with a 2-meter air tube, a large margin of activity, sitting, lying can be used, nebulizing components are lightweight, easy to wear, hand-held.

       3, nebulization using the original drug atomization, in the relative treatment time to inhale the appropriate amount of atomization, not easy to cause the mucous membrane of the tracheal wall to rise, resulting in blockage of the trachea, atomized particles ultra-fine, and not easy to collision combined, human inhalation comfortable, and can enter the bronchi, lungs and other airways, good clinical effect, especially suitable for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases.

      4, purely mechanical products, very low failure rate, low maintenance costs, long service life, generally 5 to 10 years of normal use.