Niru nebulizer selection guide

What is a NIRU nebulizer? This is a device that can atomize liquid, is an important part of the atomization system, the performance test of the niru nebulizer is to determine its precision and chemical interference produced by some obvious factors, so the requirements for the niru object painting set, is in its use in the process of spraying stable, and the droplets are more uniform, fine at the same time the efficiency of the atomization is relatively high, next I will talk to you Next, I will explain to you in detail about the purchase guide of the Niru atomizer, to help you better choose the right product.

       As we all know, a device in the use of the process, its noise is often an important indicator to detect its quality, a noisy Niru incubator will affect the mood of the user, and most of the Niru nebulizer noise on the market in about 80 decibels, while the noise of the better Niru nebulizer, should be within 65 decibels. Generally large equipment sound is more obvious, and the manufacturer will not put the equipment noise indicators out, while the allocation of relatively small equipment, manufacturers will generally be marked.

       Vibration is often accompanied by noise generated, if the noise is large, the vibration must not be too small, along with vibration and noise, is the problem of equipment heat, and these three indicators is to represent the loss of Nirvana airless energy, so the nominal power is not the larger the better. If the power is high, then the noise will be higher, along with the vibration and heat generation, in which most of the energy used by the device will be wasted.

       The size of the atomized particles in the NIRU nebulizer is very important, the size of the physical force will directly affect the effect of atomization smaller atomized particles that can scare down the human alveoli and respiratory tract.

       When the Niru nebulizer filter discolored, please replace the filter with a new one, the operation steps are as follows.

       1、Pull the filter cap outward and remove it to replace the filter.

       2、Use a sharp tool such as a toothpick to remove the filter. Please discard the filter sheet after removal and replace it with a new one.

       3、Install the filter sheet cover.


      Use only product-specific filter sheets. Please do not use the product without the filter blade installed. The filter blade is not divided into positive and negative sides, please make sure the filter blade is clean and free of dust before replacement. If the filter is wet, please replace it. If the filter is wet, it will cause clogging.

      To prevent clogging of the filter cap, clean the filter cap regularly. Do not boil the filter cap. When cleaning, be sure to remove the filter cap first. After cleaning and drying, install the filter cap in the correct way so that we can get a clean NIRU atomizer and feel more comfortable in the process of using it.