Introduction of a Niro nebulizer with low energy consumption

A rotary atomizer is a device that uses centrifugal force to atomize liquid into fine particles during high-speed rotation. The droplet size is related to the speed of the edge line of the atomizing disk. The higher the line speed, the smaller the droplet size and the better the uniformity. Traditional rotary atomizer mainly includes gearbox speed increaser and mechanical bearing high-speed motor directly connected to the atomizer. Due to the high speed, the transmission speed increasing mechanism and other core mechanical parts are easy to wear, short life, frequent replacement, high maintenance costs, the overall structure of the equipment is complex, weight and size, installation and maintenance is not convenient. The rotating shaft of mechanical high-speed motor direct atomizer is supported by mechanical bearings, which has the shortcomings of high friction, high heat generation, complex lubrication system, easy wear of bearings, easy to burn cards, and difficult to increase motor power at high speed. Therefore, it is necessary to design a new type of Niro atomizer.

  To overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology, the technician provides a magnetic levitation high-speed Niro atomizer with high speed, high power, low energy consumption and no external lubrication. In order to achieve the above purpose, it uses the following technical solution to achieve: a magnetic levitation high-speed rotary atomizer, characterized in that it includes a plurality of slurry inlet tubes, liquid separators, atomization discs and motors; the slurry inlet tubes are set at the top of the dispenser for introducing slurry into the dispenser; the dispenser includes a dispenser body and rotating teeth set inside the dispenser body for uniform distribution of slurry, and the bottom of the dispenser extends into the atomization disc to introduce The bottom of the dispenser extends into the atomization disk, and the slurry is introduced into the atomization disk; the atomization disk is driven by a motor to rotate, and the periphery of the atomization disk is provided with nozzles.

  It should be noted that the motor of the Niro atomizer is a magnetic levitation high-speed motor, and the motor shaft is provided with a conical section, and the center of the atomizing disk is provided with a conical hole that sets the conical section, and the front of the conical section is provided with a nut. A hexagonal nut with a flange is provided between the nut and the atomization disk. The dispenser body includes an inner ring and an outer ring, the motor shaft passes through the inner ring, and the rotating teeth are set between the inner ring and the outer ring. It includes a protective cover set on the outside of the motor and the slurry inlet tube. The outer surface of the shield is provided with a support flange. The lower side of the support flange is provided with a damping rubber block. The atomizer also includes a cooling system set on top of the motor cover, and the cooling system includes a rotor air-cooling system and a stator water-cooling system connected to the corresponding interface of the motor by a circulation line of coolant and cooling air set inside the motor cover.

Compared with the prior art, the Niro atomizer has the following beneficial effects: due to the optimized construction, the local slurry is evenly distributed to the entire annular surface of the lower part of the dispenser under the action of the rotating teeth, so that the slurry is evenly atomized in the atomizing disk with stable effect; on the other hand, the invention adopts a magnetic levitation high-speed motor with low wear and tear, no lubrication, no intermediate transmission mechanism, high efficiency, light weight and compact shape .