A good effect Niro atomizer production method

The nebulizer nebulizes the test solution and is an important part of the nebulization system. Its performance has an important impact on the measurement accuracy and chemical interference. Therefore, the nebulizer is required to spray stable, fine and uniform droplets and high atomization efficiency. Nebulizer is widely used, a variety of types, can be divided into: 1. air humidifier, mostly used to humidify the air humidifier is a kind of nebulizer. 2. medical nebulizer, a device for treating upper respiratory tract diseases, belongs to medical devices. 3. other types of nebulizer, such as hair styling hair spray equipment, composed of electronic cigarettes, one of the important structures for atomizing tobacco oil, and industrial nebulizer such as Niro atomizer, etc. Atomization technology is currently maturing, but there is still room for improvement. Traditional atomization devices are limited in scope and lack of rotating atomization methods. However, some atomizers, such as air humidifiers, often require cleaning to replace the internal atomization plate, which is time-consuming and laborious and also affects the service life of the atomization plate. Some atomizers are difficult to maintain a uniform atomization effect, thus affecting long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to design a good rotary atomizer.

  To overcome the inadequacy of the prior art, the technician provides a more Niro atomizer. It uses the following technical scheme: a Niro atomizer, including the base and support frame, also includes the upper shell, lower shell, controller, air supply mechanism, water collection mechanism, spraying mechanism and so on. The controller is set on one side of the upper housing and is fixedly connected to the upper housing; the lower housing is provided with an air supply mechanism; the air supply mechanism includes a mounting plate and an air compression assembly; the mounting plate is fixedly mounted on the base by bolts and is located in the lower housing; the spraying mechanism includes a mist elimination hood, a spraying assembly and a rotating assembly, and the mist elimination hood is fixedly set on the top of the drainage assembly and is located in the mist elimination hood.

Wherein, the air compression assembly includes an air compressor and a spacer, the air compressor is set vertically on the top of the mounting plate and fixedly connected to the mounting plate; the spacer is fixedly set between the upper housing and the lower housing; the top middle of the spacer is provided with a through air inlet; the air supply end of the air compressor is fixedly inserted into the air inlet and extends into the upper housing; the air compressor is fixedly connected to the controller. The flow tube is set in a conical shape, and the diversion assembly includes a sleeve, a fixed ring and a plurality of support rods. The spray assembly includes a tee tube, a fixed frame and two spray hoppers. The mist diffusion shield is set on the top of the upper housing and is fixedly connected to the upper housing. The rotating assembly includes a base, a guard, a motor, a rotating shaft and an interlocking rod.

The beneficial effects of this Niro atomizer are: first, by optimizing the structure, the fixed frame and the fixed ring cooperate to drive the rotation of the tee tube to achieve rotating spraying, and the fog droplets will be dispersed in a circular shape from the spray column holes on the spray cover, which is more efficient; second, by quantitatively pouring out the liquid from the feed hopper, closing the sealed cover and operating the controller, the liquid can be atomized by rotation, which is simple and safe to operate and greatly improves the liquid atomization efficiency.