Introduction of a low maintenance Niro nebulizer

Rotational atomization technology is to atomize the material into micron-sized droplets by means of high-speed rotating equipment. The core equipment is the rotary atomizer, which is driven by a high speed motor and rotates at high speed. The high speed rotating atomizing turntable generates strong centrifugal force, and the material in the form of suspension or emulsion is sprayed through the nozzles of the special structure of the atomizing turntable, thus being atomized into micron-sized droplets. Rotary atomizer is a key electromechanical product widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection and other fields. In the field of air pollution control and environmental protection, rotary atomizers, including this Niro atomizer, are commonly used in power plant flue gas desulfurization and waste incineration power plant exhaust gas purification. A common kind of rotary atomizer on the market has high speed, stable operation, small vibration, continuous rotation, long service life, etc. It can be widely used in high-speed spray dryers to spray dry liquid materials into powdered finished products, and can also be applied to other industrial fields for atomization. However, the disadvantages are: high power loss and high maintenance cost.

  In response to the disadvantages in the prior art, the technician provides a new Niro atomizer, which can effectively reduce the power loss and maintenance costs. It uses the following technical scheme: the rotary atomizer includes a direct drive, a spindle and an atomizer disk, the direct drive is connected to the spindle through a permanent magnet coupling; the atomizer disk includes an atomizer disk mount and an atomizer disk body, the atomizer disk body is a cylindrical cavity, the side walls of the cylindrical cavity are evenly distributed with through-holes, and there are nozzles installed in the through-holes; the upper part of the atomizer disk body is fixedly connected to the atomizer disk mount, and the end of the spindle is connected to the The upper part of the atomizing disc body is fixedly connected to the atomizing disc mounting base, and the end of the spindle is fixedly connected to the center of the atomizing disc mounting base. It also includes a connector, a feed tube and a support frame, and the feed tube is set on the support frame.

  It should be noted that the permanent magnet coupler of this Niro atomizer includes a conductor mount and a permanent magnet connecting post, the conductor mount is fixedly connected to the output shaft of the motor, and there are conductor rings fixedly connected to each of the two opposite side walls inside the conductor mount; a spring is connected between the two opposite permanent magnet mounts, and each permanent magnet mount is fixed with a permanent magnet ring opposite to the corresponding side conductor ring, and the two permanent magnet The two permanent magnet mountings are connected by two double-headed bolts at the top and bottom. The upper and lower ends of the permanent magnet mountings are provided with holes through which the double-headed bolts pass, and the ends of the double-headed bolts pass through the two holes at the same end of the two permanent magnet mountings, and the ends of the double-headed bolts are fitted with fastening nuts. The side of the connecting post is provided with a fan blade.

  Compared with the prior art, the Niro atomizer has the following beneficial effects: 1. By optimizing the structure, the direct drive is connected to the main shaft through the permanent magnet coupling, overcoming the power loss problem caused by the setting of gear booster box and coupling in the traditional rotary atomizer, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the equipment and improving the economic efficiency. 2. The atomization disk can be easily disassembled and replaced through the connecting member, which is beneficial to the future In this utility model, when the atomization disk is stationary, the closeable channel on the atomization disk body opens, and the lower end of the feeding tube is aligned with the closeable channel on the atomization disk body, which can realize the role of quickly adding materials to the atomization disk body and improve the operation efficiency.4. By improving the design, on the one hand, it ensures a constant air gap during normal rotation; on the other hand, when the permanent magnet ring and the conductor ring collide due to external force On the other hand, when the permanent magnet ring and the conductor ring collide due to external force, it can play a good buffering role, making the Niro atomizer more durable.