Centrifugal atomizer manufacturers: centrifugal atomizer performance and structural characteristics

When feeding the raw material liquid into the feed tube of the atomizer, after dispensing the raw material liquid once or twice, it is quickly sent to the high-speed rotating atomizing disc. Due to centrifugal force, the feedstock liquid is on the surface of the rotating atomizing disc. The top extends into a thin film and moves toward the edge of the disc at an increasing speed. When leaving the edge of the disc, the feedstock liquid is atomized and split into droplets, filaments and films. Which splitting is the main splitting. The speed of the atomizer, the amount of feed, the nature of the material and the shape and diameter of the atomizer are related to factors, and the size of the droplets depends mainly on the circumferential speed of the atomizer. Commonly used are mechanically driven high-speed centrifugal nebulizer and electric high-speed centrifugal nebulizer.

  The mechanically driven high speed centrifugal atomizer is a part of the spray drying unit that allows high energy and high velocity of the atomizing medium, and is also a key part that plays an important role in atomization efficiency and atomization stability. Atomization process. It is driven by an electric motor through a coupling to the large gear, which also rotates the pinion gear on the shaft to engage, and the gear shaft after the first stage speed-up drives the large gear of the second stage to achieve high speed. High speed rotation of the atomization disc.

  When the raw material liquid enters the feed tube of the centrifugal atomizer, it flows evenly into the high-speed rotating spray plate through the raw material liquid distribution plate, and the raw material liquid is sprayed into very small atomized droplets, which greatly increases the surface area of the material. In contact with the hot air in the drying chamber, the moisture evaporates rapidly. It can be dried into finished products in a very short time.

  Structural features of centrifugal atomizer.

  1. The gear drive has a constant speed when the feeding volume fluctuates, and has high mechanical efficiency.

  2. The use of long cantilever structure achieves "auto-centering" effect during spindle operation and reduces vibration of spindle and atomizing disc.

  3. Floating bearings are provided so that the flexible shaft is supported by three pivot points so that the shaft system can quickly pass the critical speed.

  4. Reasonable arrangement of support fixed position and fixed support position at the node position to reduce the vibration load of the shaft system.