Centrifugal atomizer manufacturer: about the repair and maintenance of centrifugal atomizer

The high-speed centrifugal atomizer operates smoothly at high speeds, so the flange surface of the tower and the upper end of the atomizer should be substantially level during installation, and a rubber flange gasket must be added between the two planes to prevent vibration. The maintenance of the high speed centrifugal atomizer requires attention to.

  1. Nozzles should be lubricated with high speed mechanical oil.

  2. Check whether the lubricating oil of the centrifugal atomizer is at the normal position of the dipstick line.

  3. Whether the oil supply is normal. If you find that the oil pump is not supplying oil, stop it immediately, disassemble or replace the sleeve pump, and use it only after the oil supply is normal.

  4. In order to prolong the service life, it is recommended to use two centrifugal atomizers to rotate. Usually the boundaries of the atomizer need to be worked on - after a period of time it is necessary to remove the material and liquid distribution plate, atomization plate, guide shaft and other parts for cleaning. The guide bearing is slightly scratched and can be polished with a fine emery cloth. If there are serious scratches, they should be replaced with new scratches.

  5. When disassembling the atomizer plate and other parts, please be careful not to bend the spindle, and the nut fixing the atomizer plate must be tightened to prevent it from loosening and falling off.

  6. New oil needs to be changed once a month. To replace, remove the atomizer disk and housing, loosen the oil drain screw at the end of the eagle head, drain the oil and wrap the oil drain screw with raw material tape, then retighten the oil drain screw, then replace with a new sleeve of about one kilogram, but be careful not to exceed or fall below the oil level line.