Repair and maintenance of high-speed centrifugal atomizer

High-speed centrifugal atomizer runs smoothly at high speed, therefore, the flange surface of the atomizer at the upper end of the tower should be basically level during installation, and rubber flange pads must be added between the two planes to prevent vibration. Centrifugal atomizer maintenance maintenance needs to pay attention to.

1. Nozzle to use 30 (N46) or (N46) high-speed mechanical oil lubricating oil.

2. Check whether the centrifugal atomizer lubricating oil is in the normal position of the oil scale line (Note: the amount of oil injection should not exceed the oil level line, otherwise the oil will seep into the lower part of the spindle until the atomization disk resulting in oil leakage), after the machine is turned on, attention should be paid to whether the oil supply from the oil pump is normal. If it is found that the oil pump is not supplying oil, it should be stopped immediately, dismantle or replace the oil pump, and it should be used only after the oil supply is normal.

3. If abnormal sound or violent vibration occurs during use, stop immediately and check the cause until normal use.


4. In order to prolong the service life, it is recommended to use two centrifugal atomizers for rotating use. Usually, after the atomizer border needs to work for a period of time, it is necessary to remove the material distribution plate, atomization plate, guide shaft and other parts for cleaning. The guide bearing is slightly scratched and can be polished with a fine emery cloth. If there are serious scratches, they should be replaced with new ones for use. Border use time (96 hours for the first shift, 48 hours for the second shift, 24 hours for the third shift). With water tank cooling can be properly delayed and use time.

5. When disassembling and assembling the atomization disk and other parts, special care should be taken not to bend the spindle, and the nut fixing the atomization disk must be tightened to prevent loosening and falling off.

6. New oil needs to be replaced once a month. When replacing, take off the atomization disk and the shell, unscrew the oil release screw at the upper end of the machine eagle, after releasing the oil, wrap the oil release screw with raw material tape and re-tighten it, inject about one kilogram of new oil, but be careful not to exceed or fall below the oil level line.

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