Centrifugal atomizer manufacturer:Introduce the structural characteristics of centrifugal atomizer for you

Centrifugal atomizers are a widely used process in the drying industry and in liquid forming for producing powdered and granular solid products from emulsions, solutions, suspensions and plastic paste-like liquid materials. Spray drying is an ideal process when the particle size distribution, bulk density, residual moisture content and particle shape of the finished product must meet precise criteria.

  Structural features of the centrifugal atomizer.

  (1) The gearing has a constant speed and high mechanical efficiency when the feed volume fluctuates.

  (2) The use of long cantilever structure can achieve "auto-centering" effect during spindle operation and reduce vibration of the atomizing disc and spindle.

  (3) Installing floating bearings to provide three-point support for the flexible shaft, so that the shaft system can quickly pass the critical speed.

  (4) Reasonable arrangement of fixed support positions and fixed support positions at nodes to reduce the vibration load of the shaft system.