Fogging disk manufacturers: to introduce you to the working principle of the fogging disk and the use and maintenance

The atomization principle of desulfurization atomization disc is air rupture and impact, which produces atomized particles with small diameter, wide coverage and strong penetrating power. The gas and liquid are mixed and atomized in the air cap cavity. By compressing the degree of friction between air and liquid, a very uniform and fine atomization effect is produced, and the atomized particle size is 80 microns or less under normal conditions.

  Use and maintenance of desulfurization atomization discs.

  Spray cans used for spraying chemicals or chemical liquids need to be cleaned after use, especially flue gas desulfurization fogging discs, which are filling tools that are very susceptible to corrosion and corrosive liquids or pesticides when sprayed. In order to protect the system equipment from damage by these corrosive products, timely maintenance and cleaning must be carried out.

  1. After use, the residual liquid needs to be wiped away, and then cleaned with a special cleaner.

  2. A complete set of positioning and maintenance work is also required when cleaning the atomization disc. If the atomizer atomization disc equipment has been worn, it is necessary to regrind its color with sanding or polishing tools.

  3. A simple treatment of the polished FGD atomization disc is required to avoid mixing debris into the drug or pesticide in the next use, otherwise it will affect the normal function of the liquid and the stability of its performance.