Fog pan manufacturer:Features of fog pan fume treatment

Desulfurization atomization disc of gas and liquid in the gas cap cavity mixed and atomized, atomization principle is air rupture and impact. It has the characteristics of small atomized particle size, wide coverage and strong penetration. It uses the friction force between compressed air and liquid. Produce a very uniform and fine atomization effect, the normal atomization particle size of 80 microns or less, the main features of the atomization disk fume treatment.

  1. The atomization disc is made of special materials, light weight, more suitable for high-speed dynamic balancing operation; reasonable structure, easy installation and disassembly.

  2. Using special dynamic balancing technology, not to damage the overall appearance. With high hardness, high wear resistance; with high thermal stability.

  3. The centrifugal atomizer has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, oxidation resistance and long service life under high temperature environment.

  4. The new improved atomization head adopts the structure of guide column opening, which has good atomization effect and greatly reduces the chance of lime caking in the process of use, and is easy to maintain.

  5. The overall structure of the dryer is compact, which can ensure the stable operation of the atomizing disc under high speed rotation, small vibration and low noise.