Rotary atomizer manufacturer:Introduce the application of desulfurization rotary atomizer for you

A desulfurization rotary atomizer can be simply understood as a high-speed motor driven by an advanced variable frequency drive (VFD) specifically designed for use in spray drying processes to produce a dry and flowable solid product. The VFD is specifically designed to atomize liquid materials (solutions or slurries) into fine droplets (droplet size typically 30 to 50 microns). Desulfurization rotary atomizers are used for the purification of flue gases from hazardous waste incineration treatment, flue gas desulfurization in waste-to-energy power plants and zero waste water discharge from coal-fired power plants.

  High-speed rotary atomizers are one of the most widely used spray drying equipment in industrial production and are used in many industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food and environmental protection. High-speed rotary atomization technology is driven by a high-speed motor that rotates the atomizing turntable. Under the action of strong centrifugal force, the material in the form of emulsion or suspension is ejected through the specially structured nozzles of the atomizing turntable and then atomized into micron-sized liquid droplets. Desulfurization rotary atomizer atomization, the surface area of the material liquid increases, which is more conducive to heat transfer and mass transfer or chemical reaction with other media.