Centrifugal atomizer manufacturer: maintenance and repair of high-speed centrifugal atomizer

High-speed centrifugal atomizer is required to work stably at high speed, so during installation, attention should be paid to the flange surface at the upper end of the tower where the atomizer is mounted should reach the basic level, and rubber flange gaskets must be added between the two planes to prevent vibration. Special attention to the maintenance of the centrifugal atomizer.

  1. The lubricant for the centrifugal atomizer nozzle is 30 (N46) or (N46) high speed mechanical oil.

  2. Check if the lubricating oil of the centrifugal atomizer is at the normal position of the dipstick line (Note: the oil should not exceed the oil level line, otherwise the oil will seep into the lower part of the spindle up to the atomizer disc causing oil leakage). After starting the machine, please note whether the oil supply of the oil pump is normal. If the oil pump does not supply oil, stop immediately and remove or replace the oil pump until the oil supply is normal. During operation, the operator must always check and pay attention to the oil supply of the oil pump. The lubricating oil cooling system should be kept clear.

  3. If abnormal noise or violent vibration occurs during use, stop immediately and check the cause until it is normal.

  4. In order to prolong the service life, it is recommended to switch between two centrifugal atomizers. Usually when the centrifugal atomizer has been working for a period of time, it is necessary to remove the atomization plate, material and liquid distribution plate, guide shaft and other parts and clean them. If the guide bearing is slightly scratched, it can be polished with a fine emery cloth, and severe scratches should be replaced with new ones. The front edge of the use of time, and can be appropriately extended when the distribution tank cooling.

  5. When removing and installing the centrifugal atomizer atomizer disc and other parts, please take special care not to bend the spindle. The left nut holding the atomizer disk must be tightened to prevent loosening and falling off. New oil needs to be changed once a month. When replacing, remove the atomizer plate and housing, loosen the oil drain screw at the end of the eagle head, then retighten the oil drain screw with raw material tape after draining the oil, the new oil should not exceed or fall below the oil level line.