Centrifugal atomizer manufacturer:Introduce centrifugal atomizer for you

Centrifugal atomizers are the most widely used process in the liquid process forming and drying industry. Centrifugal atomizers are suitable for generating powdered and granular solid products from solutions, emulsions, suspensions and plastic paste-like liquid materials. Spray drying is therefore an ideal process when the particle size distribution, residual moisture, bulk density and particle shape of the finished product must meet precise criteria.

  Centrifugal atomizer features.

  1. The speed of the centrifugal atomizer is steplessly adjustable, so that the best speed can be selected according to the characteristics of the material to be dried.

  2. Centrifugal atomizer spray disc is directly driven by high speed motor, without mechanical transmission structure, small vibration, uniform spraying and low noise.

  3. The power is automatically adjusted with the load, with remarkable energy saving, low temperature rise and stable performance. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, easy to operate, clean and maintain.

  4. The compound electric sprinkler adopts both water cooling and air cooling, and selects grease lubrication and oil lubrication as needed. It is more suitable for working in high temperature environment. It also has the functions of water cut-off, air cut-off, over-current and overheat alarm, etc., which makes its performance more stable.