Desulfurization atomization tray manufacturers: to introduce you to the desulfurization atomization tray

Desulfurization atomization disc of gas and liquid in the gas cap cavity mixed and atomized, atomization principle is air rupture and impact. It has the characteristics of small atomization particle size, wide coverage and strong penetration. It uses the friction between compressed air and liquid to produce a very uniform and fine atomization effect, with an atomization particle size of 80 microns or less under normal conditions. Desulfurization atomization discs are mainly used in rotary spray desulfurization atomization units in waste-to-energy plants. The advantages of the desulfurization atomization disc are: precise dynamic balancing process, many tests, stable performance, good atomization effect, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, long service life, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

  The new and improved atomization nozzle of the desulfurization atomization tray adopts a new open structure, which is easy to absorb the mist and greatly reduces the risk of easy caking of the lime paste during the construction process and is easy to protect. High-efficiency deep flue gas desulfurization technology of flue gas desulfurization atomization tray mainly increases the cyclonic cloud field in the flue gas layer of the original desulfurization spray tower, and combines ultrasonic atomization and liquid-liquid mixture gas atomization technology to reduce the particle size of desulfurization agent from the traditional 1500-3000μm to 50-80μm, which greatly increases the specific surface area of desulfurization agent, accelerates the speed of desulfurization absorption reaction, and realizes high efficiency in the small liquid-gas ratio Under the condition of small liquid to gas ratio, desulfurization is carried out, and the energy consumption of desulfurization is reduced.