Rotary Nebulizer Manufacturer: Take a look at Rotary Nebulizer

The atomization effect of the rotary atomizer directly affects the deacidification effect. The working principle of the rotary centrifugal atomization deacidification atomizer commonly used in the semi-dry process is: the slurry is distributed at a height of 10,000 ~ 20,000 r / min at the top of the deacidification tower, and on the rotary centrifugal sprayer's turntable, the slurry enters the middle of the rotating disk and then diffuses to the surface of the rotating disk to form a thin film. Due to centrifugal action, the film gradually moves to the outer edge of the rotating disk, and under the action of shear force, the film is atomized into fine uniform droplets of 50~150um. These droplets have a large specific surface area, and they are in good contact with the flue gas at 90 degrees and mix well and react strongly to achieve the deacidification effect.

  The rotating and centrifugal parts of the rotary atomizer work in an acidic and high temperature environment, and the equipment processing and production requirements are very high. The main industrial applications of rotary atomizers are: waste-to-energy, thermal power, petrochemical and metallurgical industrial flue gas cleaning systems.