Rotary nebulizer manufacturer:Introduce rotary nebulizer for you

Rotary atomizers are used in SDA flue gas cleaning for waste incineration, SDA flue gas desulfurization for coke ovens, SDA flue gas desulfurization for building material kilns, quenching and de-acidification of hazardous waste, small sintering machines (or shaft furnaces), and other SDA flue gas rotary atomizer fields In many fields of projects, the products used for desulfurization have replaced imports, thus reducing the cost of use for customers and reducing their dependence on imported equipment.

  High-speed rotary atomizers are mainly used in environmental protection, food and pharmaceutical industries. After more than a decade of development in China's waste incineration industry, more than 100 waste incineration plants have been built and more than 80% of all incineration plants built and operated use semi-dry flue gas purification technology. In the gas purification technology, the de-acidification reaction tower is an essential piece of equipment, and the core equipment of the de-acidification reaction tower is the high-speed rotary atomizer.